Style Stumped? When In Doubt, Start With The Basics

The other day I ran into a bit of trouble when trying to select an outfit on the fly for a lunch meeting. The look I was going for was a mix of fierce chic and dainty sophisticate (it’s a thing, at least in my head) but…I was stumped. The endless reprise of “what should I where?” echoed through my head until finally I pulled back enough to remember that 1. A fashion miss never hurt anyone–except maybe innocent witnesses to something superbly heinous and 2. That all ensembles have to start somewhere, with some signature piece.

For me that somewhere turned out to be with the pair of chic black strappy heels pictured below. I consider these lovelies to be both a wardrobe basic, because of their color and heel height, and an object that I admire for its unique architecture. I love how the straps cross vividly across the ankle, creating a pattern of leather and skin. It turns out that this particular pair of heels was all the inspiration I needed to create the look I desired that day, lending a happy ending to what was an unnecessarily stressful start.

As soon as my new tripod arrives I will update this post with a pic of the fully recreated outfit, but until then, inquiring minds want to know…

Have you ever been in a wardrobe jam? What’s your best tip for overcoming a creative block in fashion or all matters of style? Do share below!


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Fierce & Chic – The Shoes That Saved The Day!



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