Decorating 101 – 7 Simple Ideas For A More Inspired Home

Home decoratorsEveryone deserves to live in a space they love. Usually, it just takes some personalization and ingenuity to get you on your way to your very own one-of-a-kind home. Here are some practical tips to help you get started.

1. Overstock It 

Adore “a find” but not a fan of the flea market scene?  Make some wonderful decor discoveries at overstock stores like Homegoods and TJMax instead. Their mixes are generally eclectic enough to suit a variety of styles. Talk to a store clerk to find out what day of the week new shipments come in so that you can continue your hunt when the stock is fresh.

2. Put Your Crafting Skills To Work

If you can’t find just what you like, or, you can’t afford it, scrapbook it (virtually or on good ole’ paper) and then reference the original pic to see if you can craft your own version. It’s amazing what do-it-yourself projects can churn out.

3. Upcycle!

Reuse, repurpose, refinish, and repaint to breathe new value into old items.

4. Add Dimension

For standout detail, update rooms on the cheap with a painted pattern or wall decals. For even more dimension, take the “decal” idea to the next level by making an oversized custom cut silhouette out of wood, paint, and a router.

5. Fearlessly Approach Least Loved Details

An awkward bulkhead, that pink ceramic bathtub, a tiny alcove…whatever it might be, get creative about dealing with the things you’re not crazy about.

6. “Merchandise” Your Treasures

Create delightful vignettes at home out of ordinary items. Stalk the window displays at the most intriguing stores around for inspiration. If you are in or will be getting to the NYC area, be sure to check out one of my favorite merchandising haunts, ABC Carpet & Home. They do have some (pricey) items online, but the online presence does not do the real life experience justice. The real thing is just so lovely.

7. Always Be Open To Editing

Don’t be afraid to change things over time. Remember that you can continue to tweak because nothing is ever set in stone unless, well, you literally set it in stone.

I hope this list helps you on your way to a dwelling space that reflects your tastes. Have some tips of your own? Share them in the comments below. 

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