How To Get Rid Of Bags Under Eyes

How to get rid of bags under eyesWhether you’re plagued by chronic under eye puffiness or you were just livin’ it up too late into the night, this simple treatment will work wonders for getting rid of bags under eyes.

What You’ll Need

  • 1 Tablespoon cold plain Greek Yogurt (the thickness of Greek yogurt matters so this won’t be sliding around your face)
  • A spoon
  • Cotton balls
  • Towel

First, wash and dry your face. Then scoop yogurt and spread under each eye with the backside of your spoon, massaging in circular motions as you go. Once the yogurt is applied, leave on for 15 minutes. This will allow the lactic acid in the yogurt to work its magic, reducing darkness and other telltale signs of lack of sleep.

To finish, wet cotton balls with lukewarm water and gently wipe away the yogurt. Pat face dry with a clean towel and move on to makeup application or get on with your day fresh faced and free.

In the mood for an all-over face treatment? Try this homemade face mask for impossibly smooth skin. 

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