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What to do when you're boredWhen I was growing up, the one phrase that my hardworking parents forbid my brothers and I to say was “I’m bored.” As a result, I got into all kinds of creative messes. Really, I’m lucky to be alive. Once when I was about 9 my brother and I built a shoddy hang glider from the venetian blinds and were truly going to jump out the window with it until…da da Daaaa…I got hungry…and decided to go make a sandwich instead. Yeah, hold your comments please.

But seriously, even though I almost died as a result of it, the “no boredom” rule that I wasn’t fond of growing up actually kept me curious about life and learning. To help you keep boredom at bay this year, here’s a handy list of 15 random fun things to do. If you do any of these things, take pics and video and share it up on the edit facebook page so we can all see!

1. Try a Groupon or use the one that is threatening expiration in your inbox

2. Learn a new skill. Video cloning highly recommended for the fun factor. See the hilarious antics of Natalie Tran if you don’t know what I mean.

3. Write a handwritten letter and then, *gasp*, mail it.

4. Move your body. Running, Zumba, or my personal favorite throwback, Billy Blanks Tae Bo-especially fun in large public spandex-clad groups.

5. Eat out somewhere new and ask to meet the chef so you can learn more about the cuisine and food philosophy. It’s amazing what inspires great dishes. Maybe blog about it.

6. Instead of retreating from the rain, dance in it.

7. Buy a “dirt cheap” plane or train ticket and go exploring.

8. Set up a painting duo and make art Jackson Pollock-style.

9. Start a movement.

10. Do an impromptu glam portrait day with family, friends, the dog, or whoever is around.

11. Have an at-home spa day. Remember it’s not just for the ladies.

12. READ.

13. Start a Meetup.

14. Live a day in public pretending to be famous. Faux entourage and handlers required. Also, sunglasses.

15. Have an all day accent day. Italian, French, Russian, Boston, Jersey, Elvish, Trini. The possibilities for hilarity abound. If you don’t know the Trini accent, or even if you do, this video parody is a must see. Please be warned, it has cuss words in it.

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  1. Jeremy January 20, 2014 at 5:37 pm

    great post! I’m speaking in my best British accent as I type 😉

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