5 Best Drugstore Makeup And Skincare Products Under $10

edit: Beauty | 5 Best Beauty Products Under $10Looking your best should never break the bank, especially when the real necessities in life just keep getting pricier. To help you save some of your hard earned cash, I’m sharing 5 of my favorite beauty buys that will fit any budget.

1. Covergirl Clean Makeup Remover for Eyes & Lips – $4.95

Simply put, this oil based formula is one mean makeup removing machine. Made specifically to remove waterproof and long-wearing mascara and lip stains, this lotion gets the job done minus any wrinkle-inducing tugging or pulling.

Tip: To cut down on time, squeeze a dollop of remover into a small ceramic or porcelain dish, dab a cotton ball in to saturate, press lightly onto lashes and lips and then wipe away after letting the formula stay on a few seconds.

What others say: I’ve read some comments that complain that this formula is too greasy but many of those girls also seem to note that they don’t wash their faces after applying the remover. I will say that this formula IS greasy but in the good gets-the-job-done sort of way, and of course you need to wash your face following no matter what brand of remover you use. I’ve been using this one since I was 17 (which was more than a minute ago) and, if anything, the conditioning effect of the formula has helped keep the delicate skin around my eyes looking youthful. It remains one of my staples.


2. Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Kiss Flavored Lip Gloss – $9 or $5 each when you buy 4

Love love love this lip gloss. Once on, this keeps my lips feeling smooth and silky for hours. All of the colors are pretty but my favorite is the universally flattering “Mocktail Hour” which is a beige champagne color with lots of shimmer. Wear it alone or dab it on the top of your cupid’s bow and in the center of your bottom lip after applying a nude matte base color. The result will be that pouty “Angel” look that the VS beauties are known for.


3. Sephora Collection Nano Lipliner – $5

Available in a variety of colors, these liners are highly pigmented and non-drying, thanks to moisturizing shea butter and jojoba oil. They also stay on for quite a while. My favorite hue is “Belle Beige.” In fact, I sometimes pair this with my “Mocktail Hour” gloss for the ultimate neutral night-out lip look.


4. Revlon Beyond Natural Smoothing Primer – $9

This is what I consider to be another one of those powerhouse products that offers huge bang for the buck. With a small amount of this clear formula, pores are minimized and makeup truly goes on flawlessly. In fact, during a steaming outdoor summer gathering for work, this primer kept me looking oil-free throughout the entire day and night. Unfortunately, it is getting tough to find but, for now, the product is still available at Amazon. Stock up while you can.


5. Maybelline Fit Me! Liquid SPF 18 Foundation – $8

You won’t get the dreaded “cake” look with this foundation. Just as the product description claims, this lightweight formula lets the real you shine through with sheer coverage and colors that will match your skintone perfectly. My shade, 220 Natural Beige, is an exact match. I use this with my Revlon primer and seal with a dusting of mineral powder for every day wear.

So that concludes my 5 favorite budget beauty buys. If you’ve given any of these a try, let me know how they are working for you in the comments below!



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