My Favorite Easy Workouts From YouTube

I’m all for staying in shape but I am not big on complicated or grueling workout routines. The following videos will help you get the exercise you need to stay toned and taut, minus a major sweat factor.

Abs – In just 5 minutes and a few strategic moves, your abs will be feeling fierce. Honestly, I felt and saw a difference shortly after trying this ab routine. Now I do it before bed a few nights a week to maintain a strong core.


Legs & Glutes – In this short video, Columbian fitness model Andrea Calle demonstrates a number of different ways to do squats. I do the whole video as a workout and it’s awesome. You’ll definitely be feeling a good burn the next day if you do the same. Also, I don’t have a bar weight so I just use a 5 pound dumbbell for that part and it works great.


Arms – Toned arms are an undeniable trademark of the beautiful Victoria’s Secret Angels and in this “Runway Arms” video, angel Candice Swanepoel and the VS trainer demonstrate the secrets to stellar arms. This is not just a “flab-free” arm workout. With consistency and, as Candice mentions in the video, learning to pace yourself and work through each move slowly, you will see serious improvement in muscle tone.


Total Body – If you haven’t tried Mari Windsor’s Pilates, you MUST. Mari’s “Windsor Pilates” dvds debuted eons ago and they are timeless. This is the basic 20 minute workout which, if done daily or at least 3 times a week, will keep you lean, I promise. And, it is truly pain free, which I love.


So that is my ode to simple and effective workouts from the web. Please give them a try and let me know how they work for you. Also, add to this list with your own favorites below.

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