Personalized Jewelry Made From Your Own Signature!

Hello Friends šŸ™‚ I recently came across these striking custom necklaces by Brevity and had to share. Each necklace (or bracelet) is truly one of a kind because it’s made from your own signature. Ā This is jewelry that gives the old fashioned monogram necklace a run for its money.

There are plenty of occasions I see that would be good for these artisan gifts. Graduation, to signify making your mark in the world. As something uber-personal for each member of the bridal party. To your love for Valentine’s Day. For a friend who is a new business owner. To the aspiring starlet or writer in your life. Or, as gift to yourself when you’ve made it big!

Brevity signature jewelry is availableĀ in stainless steel, silver dipped and gold dipped. To place your custom order, all you need is a good photo of the signature you want created.

To ogle Anna Corpron’s other fabulous jewelry creations or to place your order for a custom piece, visit the Brevity website.

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