We Bee Trendy | Invasion Of The Honeycomb Home

Are you finding the honeycomb trend a little hypnotic? Maybe it’s because I’m a sucker for a good geometric pattern, but I’m actually digging honeycomb’s style moment. In this post, we’ll sit back and admire some of the pattern’s finer appearances in the home design circuit.

Like, for instance, the Matrix side table from Zinc Door. The sculptural design of the “comb”, coupled with the black marble top, make it a definite statement piece. The price is not that enchanting, at nearly $1300, but it’s still beautiful.

Matrix Side Table In Satin BrassHoneycomb has, of course, also made its way into updated chic looking tiles. Check out the pure genius of these ceramic Alexander Bronze tiles from Giles Miller. The angles vary based on the textural effect you wish to imbue.

Giles Miller Angled Bronze Honeycomb Tiles

Bookcases and shelving everywhere are emerging with the honeycomb pattern too. The versatility of this Opus Incertum bookcase by Casamania make it a favorite of mine. It looks good in any of the 4 color options (black, orange, grey and white) and can be displayed in sets to form decorative privacy walls in indoor or outdoor design applications.

Opus Incertum Indoor Outdoor Bookcase in Honeycomb Pattern

Even the smallest of details are bearing bold honeycomb. Just take a look at these statement door pulls by Lisa Jarvis.
Lisa Jarvis Honeycomb Door Pulls Decorative Hardware

Finally, here’s a look at what a more abstract take on the honeycomb trend can render. The Etch Pendant is more so inspired by math but bears a resemblance to the current bee buzz.Each fixture is digitally manufactured and bears the original maker’s mark.
Etch Pendant In Abstract Honeycomb PatternSo what’s your take? Are you a fan of the rise of honeycomb? What do you think will be trending next?

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